Our Vision

RIGHT MARINE vision is to be the No. 1 manufacturer of High Velocity Relief Valve in China and distribute them in international markets. This vision, along with the care for the customers and the indispensable input of the employees, have resulted to the company’s growth and will continue to contribute positively in the continuous development of RIGHT MARINE.

What We Offer

RIGHT MARINE manufactures and distributes over 2,000 units marine products of High Velocity Relief Valve,  Portable Tank Measure System, safety equipment and miscellaneous items directly related to maritime companies, ship suppliers, chandleries, marine stores, shipyards and boat builders. Our various product range includes: P/V valves, portable oil/water interface detector, sealed sampler, deck valve, floating ball liquid level meter, hatches, ship doors, bitt and many other marine products.

RIGHT MARINE manufactures and provides its customers with high quality products at competitive prices.  With the strictest control and highest quality standards, and then distributed to all the commercial branches. In this way, the company can control the production procedures under the ISO 9001 verification and product quality in order to meet the standards set by international bodies such as CCS (China Class Classification), ABS(American Bureau of Shipping), BV(Bureau Veritas), RINA(Registro Italiano Navale), etc.

Quality Control

To make sure the products could be qualified. Each valves would be tested and only shipped after passing testing.

Warranty & Guarantee

Right Marine guarantees the equipment they sold for 24 months.

Free replacement would be done due to quality problems within warranty period.

After the warranty period, Right Marine still provide lifetime support for their products.