marine ship rubber airbags

Ship Launching Marine Rubber Airbags

Marine airbag also known as rubber airbag, ship air bags, ship launching airbag, ship salvage airbag, boat salvage airbags, inflatable airbag, ship lifting bag, air balloon, made by rubber & multi layer of rubber-dipped tyre fabric. Airbags are widely used in launching and landing ship/ boat/vessel, lifting and moving heavy goods, salvaging stranded boats. Marine airbags are very popular with shipyard, ship owner, and marine supplies company now.  

  • Material: natural rubber, rubber-dipped Nylon cord fabric
  • Lifespan: at least 10 years 
  • Guaranty period: at least 24 months
  • Certificate: CCS/EC


Ship launching airbags,a long cylindrical roller bags with hemispherical heads at both ends, is generally considered to be innovative technology with utmost bright prospect in shipbuilding. Comparing with traditional ship-launching methods such as side-way launching, this one requires less permanent infrastructure and lower cost.

Ship launching airbags are ideal for supporting the hull of ships and providing a safer and smoother ship launching motion into water. They are normally used for tankers, tugboats, towboat, barges, cargo ship, ferries, seagoing vessels, passenger ships, AHTS, DSV , etc. 

• Suitable for launching at any seaside without construction of launching facilities.
• Overcome the restriction upon fixed launching track of side-launch.
• High strength with excellent resistance to wear and aging.
• Good air tightness, high flexibility.
• Well tested design and performance.
• Save your time, effort, workload and investment.
• Widely used by more shipyard all over the world.
• Low maintenance.
• Could be used repeatedly

Composition of Marine Rubber Airbags

Marine Rubber Airbags are composed of heavy-duty synthetic-tire-cord and quality rubber layers which are vulcanized together firmly.  Besides, a sealing swivel and an air inflating end are screwed with end mouth as shown in the picture.

rubber airbags

ship launching airbagsmarine rubber airbags

Material of Marine Rubber Airbags

• Cord-Fabric layers, as the reinforcement layers, are twined at angles with excellent technology for higher internal pressure and more even stress distribution, for instance, the wrap is over 95 cords per 100 mm in width coming with breaking strength more than 310N per cords. Meanwhile, the high strength tire cords layers effectively enhance the explosion resistance capability of airbags even under high pressure. Normally, there are two types of tire cord materials with different performance for you to choose from. 

• Inner & outer rubber layers are made complying with ISO 14409 with sufficient tensile strength and tear strength,which make them capable to withstand severe weather conditions and hard usages. The outer rubber layers are used to protect the crod-fabric layers against abrasion and various external forces.

• End fittings, mounted at the end of airbags, include sealing ends and air inflating ends for easy control of inner pressure.
Technical Data of the Cord-fabric Layers
Properties1400 dtex/21870 dtex/2
Break strength≥ 215.6 N/strand≥ 284.2 N/strand
Diameter0.65 ± 0.05 mm0.74 ± 0.05 mm
Adhesion strength≤ 137.2 N/cm≤ 156.8 N/cm

layer of material

Specification of Marine Rubber Airbags

• Class: Ordinary airbag – with 3, 4 or 5 layers of cord fabric.
                High-bearing airbag – with 6, 7 or 8 layers of cord fabric.
                Super-bearing airbag – with 9, 10 or more layers of cord fabrics as custom request.
• Diameter of Cylinder Rubber Airbags: 0.8m to 2m or custom diameter.
• Effective Length: 6m to 20m or customize as request
• Total Length: 7m to 21.5m or customize as request
• Loading Capacity: around 10MT to 40MT

Structure of rubber airbags

Packing type

Several marine rubber airbags will be wrapped in one pallet with films. 

uninflated rubber airbagspacking of marine rubber airbags

Application of Launching Ships/Vessels

We have rich experience to design and produce the marine rubber airbags for shipyards. 

application of ship launching