deck valve

Deck Valve 

This valve is a junction device on oil tank, used for quick connection of portable measurement equipment.

  • Model NO.: CDV-2
  • Material: SUS304 or SUS316L
  • Diameter: 50mm
  • Pressure: 0.2Mpa
  • Connection: UIT, Sampler, ruler, pressure detector, etc



Deck valve is a kind of special junction device on the oil tank, which is used for the quick connection of portable measurement equipments such as the oil/water interface detector, the greasy dirt ruler, the pressure detector and sampling device for cargo oil tanks, it can also be used for the petrochemical, oil and other industries and other occasions with similar requirements.

Technical Data

Model No. CDV-2
Material:SUS304(Oil tanker)

SUS316L (Chemical Tanker)

Installation MethodFlange(JIS B2220 5K)
Connection:1” and 2”
Location:Open deck, installed on the top of liquid cargo tanks or slop tanks
MediaOil, oil & gas, water or same type media
Temperature-25℃ to 45℃

How To Use

When the operator needs to use the oil-water interface meter, the oil level gauge and other measuring equipment to measure the oil tank, unplug the deck valve cap and put the quick connector of the equipment on the deck valve quick joint, then open the ball valve ( The handle is rotated up to 90 degrees), and the connected equipment can be put into use according to their respective requirements. When it is necessary to use the oil tank closed sampler, unscrew the upper part and the base of the sampling device can be installed and fixed on the flange of the deck valve. Then open the deck valve (the handle is rotated up to 90 degrees) to take the sample. After the deck valve is used, the ball valve should be closed to prevent oil and gas from leaking out of the oil tank.

deck valve


Portable measure system check the tanker status for effective management of the storage tank.

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