Hermetic UTImeter

Hermetic Oil Water Interface UTI meter

The HERMetic UTI meter is a portable gas tight liquid level gauge designed to operate on top of closed petroleum and chemical tanks. 

  • Moel: UBX
  • Tape Length: 15m, 30m
  • Connection: 2” deck valve, 1″ quick connector
  • Certificate: CCS/EC
  • Feature: Measure Oil,water level and temperature 


The Hermetic Oil Water Interface UTI meter is used for custody transfer, inventory control measurement and free waterdetection on shore tanks. Connected to a hermetic deck valvfixed on the tank, the HERMetic UTI meter  avoids any gas releaseduring operation.

Portable Hermetic Oil Water Interface UTI meter with high quality and good price. It is procued Complies with CB\T4182 2011(Technical Requirements for Marine Oil/ Water Interface Detector) and MEPC.5 (XIII) (Technical Requirements for On/ Water Interface Detector)

The unit enables 4 measurements in one single operation:
• Ullage
• Temperature
• Oil-Water interface level

Technical Data

Model No.:UBX
Interface Detection Accuracy:±20mm
Tape Length:15m,30m
Tape Format:Matric/British
Tape Resolution1mm
Tape Accuracy:±3mm/30m
Min. Detection Level4mm
Display Mode:Audible and Visual
Temperature Accuracy:±0.5% F.S
Temperature Resolution: 1 ℃
Power Voltage: DC 9V battery
Ambient Temperature:-25~55℃
Probe Temperature:-25~110℃
Ex. Mark: Ex ia II BT4Ga
Shell Protection Class:IP44
Probe Protection Class:IPX8
Connection Standard:JB/ZQ04078-1997
Applicable MediumOil, water and chemical
Connection:1″quick connector on 2″Deck valve

Use of UT Meter

• Closed level gauging, no vapour escape
• Continuous temperature reading.
• 100 % repeatability of measures.
• High accuracy and stability.
• Chemically resistant to corrosive liquids.
• Easy access for battery exchange.
• Sensor exchange without need of new calibration.
• No temperature drift. No degradation of the sensitivity due to sensor ageing.
• Tape cleaning devices, window wiper and tape protection on all units as standard.
• Sensor fitted with load 500 gr. for high viscous products

Low maintenance cost:
Fully modular unit. Change tape, storage tube, sensor or instrument

Oil water UT Meter

Application on Tankers

Portable measuring system check the tank status for effective management of the storage tank.

liquid cargo Tank