Hermetic Sampler

Oil Tanker Hermetic Sampler

The Hermetic sampler is designed with a closed liquid sample to complete the transfer of the liquid sample under sealed conditions. The integrity of the liquid sample is ensured because the sample liquid is not in contact with air.

  • Moel: RQY-2
  • Tape Length: 15m, 30m
  • Connection: 2” deck valve, 1″ quick connector
  • Sample barrel: 0.5L
  • Feature: Portable,  High sampling accuracy, Easy operation


The RQY type hermetic sampler is mainly composed of a lifting device, a main body protection tube, a sampling valve and a sampling barrel.

The product is designed according to the requirements of closed liquid sample extraction, and the liquid sample can be extracted under closed conditions. It has the characteristics of high sampling accuracy, convenient operation, safety and reliability.

The product is suitable for use in the marine, petroleum, chemical and other industrial sectors to sample liquids at different levels in tanks, cans and various types of containers.

Work Principle
The quick connector at the lower end of the sampler is connected to the 2″ interface of the deck valve. Turn the lifting handle counterclockwise to lower the sampling barrel to the position to be sampled, and then turn the handle clockwise to lift the sampling barrel.

Arrive above the sample liquid release device and pull the discharge valve control lever on the release device to the “unload sample” mark position, then turn the lift handle counterclockwise to lower the sample bucket, open the liquid outlet switch, and the sample liquid can flow into the sample. In the bottle.

The sampling depth is read by the measuring tape of the lifting device and the cylinder is placed in the tank. Since the bottom of the sampling barrel is lifted by the liquid, the liquid flows into the barrel from the bottom of the barrel, and the liquid flowing into the barrel is always in the The first in first out state until the sampling position, after reaching the sampling position, the liquid in the barrel is the liquid sample there.

When the sampling barrel is lifted again, the sample liquid in the barrel is closed in the barrel because the valve core on the barrel base is pressed back by the sample liquid in the barrel, so that the sample liquid in the barrel is always the liquid at the sampling point. It is always in a closed position from extraction to discharge, thus ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the sample.

Technical Data

Length of Steel Tape:15m or 30m
Tape Resolution:1mm
Density Scope of Sample Medium:0.6~3.5g/cm3
Medium Temperature Range:-25 to 110℃
Working Pressure:0.3 Bar
Sample Barrel Volume:0.5L
Applicable Joint:1” quick connection or 2” Deck Valve

How to Use

use of sampler

1. Before sample, take the clean sampling head out from spare parts bag and screw it into the screw end of sample barrel. And then pull out the stop pin of handle to lift up the sample barrel at the position higher than sample discharge valve by clockwise turning the handle. After that position the handle. Then connect the 1’ quick connector of sampler to the 1” deck valve which has been mounted on the tank.

2. Measure and record the distance from ruling observation window to the deck.

3. Rotate the handle in anti-clockwise to slowly put down the sample barrel (The sample position is subtraction of the value recorded above from the reading at rule observation window) to the sample position to take the sample.

4. After sample, rotate the handle to take the sample barrel above the position of the sample discharge valve and lock the  Then put the control rod of sample discharge valve at the position which marked with “DISCHARGE SAMPLE“. After confirm this position, anti-clockwise turn the handle on the lifting gear to put the sample barrel down to sample discharge valve.


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