Oil Discharge Monitoring System

RD-ODME Oil Discharge Monitoring System

The ODME is used to monitor the oily water discharging from ballast tank or other pollution water into the sea. The system constitute by the discharge monitoring unit, sampling analysis unit, discharge remote control unit etc. When the ballast tank or other of oily water discharges, the discharge monitoring unit will monitor instantaneous oil content by sampling analysis unit and command the discharge remote control unit will let out oily water or return to the slop tank according to the ship speed. All the discharge data have monitoring record.

  • Manufacturer: Shanghai Rongde Engineering Equipment Co.,Ltd
  • System Power Supply:AC220±10%V 50±5%Hz
  • Circumstance Temperature: 0℃~50℃
  • Circumstance Humidity: 80%
  • Measuring Range: 0-1000ppm
  • Measuring accuracy: ±10%FS
  • Reaction Time: < 40s


RD-ODME Oil Discharge Monitoring System is a special anti-pollution equipment for tanker, which is designed in accordance with IMO Resultion.108.(49), and apply to monitoring the accumulated volume of oil discharged to overboard in every voyage and to control the instantaneous discharged rate of oily ballast during de-ballast operation. In the case of the total oil volume or oil instantaneous discharged rate oversteps the specified standards, or system fails, the overboard valve will be shut down automatically to stop the de-ballast operation. Below Fig.2.1 shows the configuration and layout of RD-ODME Oil Discharge System.

Signal Acquisition Unit


The signal acquisition unit is located in the engine room. Mainly collect oil concentration and discharge flow. At the same time receive commands from the computer control unit, control the action of the discharge valve, the start and stop of the sampling pump and the cleaning of the oil concentration detector.

Computer Control Box


The computer unit is the control center of the system. The computer reads the data of the actual oil content from oil content measuring unit by communication loop, and to calculate out the instantaneous rate of discharge and the total quantity discharged based on the signals of the speed log and the flow meter received. When the total quantity discharged or the instantaneous rate of discharge is over the specified limit, or the system faults during operation, it will send an order to close the overboard valve, and to stop the discharge of oily water. In addition, the signal input mode or the signal value inputted by manual can be selected on the Man-Machine Interface of computer.

Pump Control Unit


The pump control unit is used to control the start and stop of the sampling pump.

Oil Concentration Analysis Unit

In oil content measuring unit, a measuring cell (oil content meter) is provided, which is equipped with optical elements for measuring oil content in sampling water. The sampling water coming from sampling pump enters into the inlet of oil content measuring unit and flows back to main discharge pipe from outlet. The oil content meter converts the oil content variation in the sampling water passing through the measuring unit to the rS485 data, then the oil content data is transmitted to the computer unit.

Sampling Pump Uni


The sampling pump unit is an assembly whose drive motor and sampling pump are fixed to a common base plate. The sampling pump unit is mounted on the compartment wall between the engine room and the pump compartment. Its driving motor is placed on the engine room side and the sampling pump is placed on the pump room side. The sampling pump assembly is provided with a drive shaft through the cabin, which is a special sealing mechanism to ensure the air tightness between the engine room and the pump cabin during the operation of the pump.